At first, it is natural to feel that they have missed something and lost their chances. But despite the undisputed the success of the cryptocurrency market, contrary to appearances, it is not too late, only the rules change. And just like any financial market, the cryptocurrency market will mature, which will naturally result in increased volatility, periods of major corrections, and medium-term declines. The 21st-century investor must adapt to dynamically changing circumstances and skillfully reap the benefits of any market situation, as is the case with classic financial markets.

A buy-and-hold strategy is no longer enough, and the decisive factor for success or failure is the skillful anticipation of upcoming trends and the active management of your portfolio. Every day, the advantage of large financial institutions over retail clients grows. Price manipulation, fake news, high-frequency trading, and front running are just an example of the range of methods used against retail investors by large financial institutions.

The 3TON project is an ambitious attempt to democratize the financial market and provide each market participant with fair access to the same tools previously reserved for the chosen ones. Just as Bitcoin gave us all freedom, so 3TON is slowly managing this freedom. Project 3TON is an attempt to eliminate the advantages of the largest market players and return the captured financial market back to the people. Financial freedom is no longer reserved only for the chosen ones.

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